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The products and educational programs found on this web site are just a portion of what we can provide to Motivate, Inspire, and Empower your students. Pikes Peak Learning and our partner companies, affiliates, contractors, and staff can provide a wide range of business, technical, educational, and operational services to help you reach your Vision. In addition to the Peak Mastery Learning System and the courses, curriculum, and programs included with it, we supply all the capabilities required to create and deploy such systems. This includes…

Educational Content Design and Program Authoring (in numerous subject areas)
  • Design of breakthrough, high-mastery assessment and remediation systems
  • Design and creation of completely new curriculum, from scratch
  • Adaptations, updates, and revisions of existing programs and curriculum
  • Conversion of printed programs to online, interactive, and web based
  • Evaluation, analysis, and consulting for any of the above

Learning Platforms and Technology
  • Integration of multiple learning systems, design of application program interfaces (APIs), design or merging of disparate learning models, and instructional design
  • The Peak Mastery Learning System described above, in its current form
  • Adaptations of the Peak Mastery technology to your organization or platform
  • Design and implementation of learning systems from the ground up
  • Design of innovative interactive tools (e-portfolios, online user tracking, interactive media, ordering systems, surveys, assessments, demonstrations, etc.).
  • Automated metrics and business tracking systems

Research, Analysis, and Interpretation
  • Usability testing and user interaction design
  • Market research and market scanning

Consulting, Strategy, e-Business Development, and Project Management
  • All aspects of e-learning business design, operations, funding, and strategy
  • Consulting on educational programs and educational systems
  • Project management for medium and large scale interactive program development

Marketing and Sales
  • Lead generation, online, and traditional marketing programs
  • Search engine optimization
  • Strategic sales and rainmaking
  • Sales process development

Training and Professional Development
  • In-depth training design, authoring, and delivery (phone, web, classroom, blended)
  • Staff development for educational programs, e-business, marketing, and sales

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