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A new set of methods and systems to create a successful life...

Everyone has the right to benefit from the prosperity and opportunity this great country offers - to own a home, hold a meaningful job, graduate from high school, pursue continuing education, stay out of debt, develop a sense of purpose and mission, discover interests and assets, develop skill and confidence to make effective choices, and have access to resources and learning that adapt to individual needs.

The PEAK MASTERY SYSTEM provides youth and adults with these opportunities via effective, adaptable, and meaningful interactive learning systems for personal development.

The PEAK MASTERY SYSTEM is an innovative, interactive, online, life management and personal development system. It integrates the best curriculum, personal insight, learning technology, motivational methods, assessments, individualized remediation, and client/user materials to guide learners step by step to take responsibility for their own excellence.

The result is real change for real people in the real world, realized and demonstrated as success in relationships, education, work, career, and LIFE.


Possible Self: FutureSelves

  • Profound insight: Skills & Interests, Values & Beliefs, Careers & Work, Lifestyle
  • Crystallizes what I hope - expect - fear will happen
  • Enables a breakthrough process to engage learners with practitioners
  • Uncovers dramatic new insights, leads to compelling goals and meaningful outcomes - fast!
  • Variations for middle and high school, at-risk, workforce, youth ministry, adult careers, more
  • Maps to and guides all the following processes and systems, individualized per user...

    Vision and Purpose: PEAK PURPOSE
  • Find my unique place in the world and discover how I can make a real contribution
  • Develop personal mission statements based on my skills, interests, values, personality style
  • Map missions to specific career and personal development plans via Myers Briggs
  • Map Possible Self, Purpose, and Mission to education, workplace, careers, and goals

  • Pikes Peak Programs and Systems: LIFE SUCCESS PROGRAMS
  • Comprehensive, in-depth, individualized training, education, and personal development
  • Plans and objectives derived from Possible Self, Mission, and Purpose above
  • Extensive life skills, job readiness, workplace success, interpersonal skills, career development, at-risk, truancy - all those essential capabilities not taught in schools or homes
  • Learning focused on motivation, personal responsibility, self-management, positive outcomes
  • Uses Language of Work to map to career and workplace goals and the educational plans that enable vocational success

  • Client Programs and Systems: INTEGRATION, COLLABORATION
  • Integrates with your learning system and programs and accepts your educational content
  • Links to your databases and information systems
  • Branded and packaged with your look and feel

  • Faster Time to Mastery: KNOWLEDGE FACTOR
  • Fastest time to mastery in shortest period of time - reaches dramatic new levels of efficacy
  • Patented, revolutionary assessment system measures confidence, knowledge, and mastery
  • Real-time individualized remedial content presented based on each learner's knowledge and confidence profile
  • Adapts to any content area, subject matter, or client material
  • Clearly focuses "hard" skills and knowledge, plus "soft" skills, values, principles, attitudes

  • Student e-Portfolio: SHARING, MANAGING, GROWING
  • Share my story, develop my plans, market myself, map the road ahead, and have FUN!
  • Captures, presents, manages, applies, and communicates all aspects created so far: Possible Self, Personal Mission, Education and Training, Assessments and Mastery Profile
  • Articulates broad range of possible life goals for education, workplace, careers, relationships, finances, community, personal development, and much more
  • Goals are constantly tracked, assessed, and outcomes remediated based on each learner's skills, knowledge, and confidence

  • Additional Peak Mastery Capabilities and Benefits
  • Practitioners apply the process to their own lives and learn how to apply it with others
  • Extensive tracking, reporting, data aggregation, and assessment tools
  • In-home computers, internet access, training, and support available
  • Workplace and job training across the 16 top industries


    Continually measure my results, re-assess, learn more, expand, grow, reiterate. Create, track, and succeed via a personalized series of micro-goals focused on work, education, relationships, finances, careers, and personal development. Constantly self-assess and remediate with the focus on practicing and applying new skills and behavior in real situations.
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