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PEAK MASTERY Life Skills Training for Youth

Life skill training from Pikes Peak Learning is delivered online. It provides life skills curriculum and education programs for teens. It is used by thousands of the top colleges, secondary schools, youth agencies, community centers, and youth ministries across the U.S. to help young people create successful futures.

Life skills training, programs, and curriculum encompass a broad set of practical and important capabilities. These are necessary to succeed in the real world. Young people need to understand and apply such skills as money management, planning, job hunting and interviewing, character education, and much more. The education offered by Peak Mastery includes life planning, college planning, financial literacy, vocational education, and goal setting. This page of resources includes training examples, pointers on teaching teens, and education resources around the Internet.

With Peak Mastery training, students get important education in money management, goal setting, planning, internet skills, job readiness, and college planning. All of these are integrated into a curriculum and a process the puts these skills in the context of succeeding in the real world and envisioning the future that's possible. It's why they're important. And Peak Mastery stays with the student, because they can expand their lessons at time, at no cost.

It is important that real-world-readiness programs for teens are taught both at home and at school. Academics play a vital part in the educational growth of children and teenagers. Still, skills such as how to achieve goals, long-term planning, money management and dealing with stress are just as important. With these skills, teens are given the knowledge they need to be independent and self-reliant.

One way to make these programs more successful is make them interactive. The individual needs get involved. For example, vocational education for youths should not just give generic job information, but should teach students something about skills they are personally interested in. There are a variety of these programs designed to touch on various topics and work for different age groups. Some even integrate technology such as the Internet, into their lessons.

The pre-teen and teenage years tend to be the most stressful for parents, kids, and teachers. At Pikes Peak Learning, our goal is to guide both parents and kids through the process of learning important skills, in a way that is easy to understand and even fun. Our program is completely interactive and completely online -- and also available in printed form.

When youth and teens log onto our program, they can learn on their own accord, under their own time frame, and without the feeling that they are being lectured. They will learn about a host of topics, from money management to the importance of an education. Furthermore, the issues of school truancy will be touched upon, as well as goal setting, preparing for a job, finding the right lifeskill, creating a plan for success, and much more. We believe all kids can learn to succeed, especially when they are given some control over their future.


Life Skill Training: Developed as a home-based or after-school learning tool.

Career and Life Skill Resources Inc.: Quality resources and assessment tools for career and work counselors and human resource professionals.

Life Skills Foundation: Supports people with developmental and other disabilities to live and work with dignity in the community through development of key skills.

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Adkins Life Skills Program, Getting a Job and Building a Career: An innovative multimedia, group, employability, learning program developed at Columbia University.

National Center for Life Skills and Family Literacy: Literacy is one of the most important real-world skills. The Center helps parents and children achieve their greatest potential together through quality literacy programs.

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