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Keep students in school, encourage academic success, prevent drop outs: MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL, and COLLEGE RETENTION

In the U.S. today, up to 25% of students drop out before high school graduation. A high percentage of college students drop out before their second year. Nationally, fully 35% of college freshman do not return for their sophomore year, and only about 35% of freshmen eventually graduate.

To increase student retention for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities, Pikes Peak Learning provides an integrated set of programs based on getting to root cause issues, creating effective interventions, improving school climate, providing interactive learning, collaboration with the schools, colleges, and advisors, and a variety of personal discovery, motivation, and self-management systems that:

  • Guides students to develop a clear and compelling sense of purpose and direction, and connects this purpose to their school and college experiences,
  • Facilitates collaboration between students and academic advisors, enhances the support so critical to student success, and delivers new transformational processes and systems for overworked advisors,
  • Provides a personal management system for students to increase their effectiveness, manage goals, immerse in their subject areas, document successes, build assets, and prepare for the real world.
  • Includes the best aspects of advanced versions of our FutureSelves, Peak Readiness, Peak Purpose, and Peak Portfolio programs, integrated with academic, advising, and class management systems.

Specifically, for high schools and middle schools:

  1. Build greater MOTIVATION in students to commit to education - show them the value of school.
  2. Create rapid new INSIGHT on each individual student to understand root cause of truancy - different for EACH student.
  3. Encourage more understanding and SUPPORT from home, school, courts, community - link effectively with current programs.
  4. Guide each student to a vivid sense of purpose and a clear vision for their life - give them vivid reasons to succeed.
  5. Implement in-depth interpersonal skills and relationship-effectiveness programs for students and teachers. This transforms the conflicts, disrespect, anger, and interpersonal stress that is a leading cause of truancy into better communication, support, self-confidence, and a much improved overall school climate that is more inviting and supportive - for EVERYONE.

Download our Middle and High School Truancy/Dropout Prevention Brochure

Download our College Retention Brochure

This Student Retention System provides a comprehensive program to encourage students to remain in school, aim for higher education, and become prepared to thrive in the real world. By providing students a clear purpose, the adult attention so crucial to success as students, and skills for better self management, students are encouraged to stay in school and create a more satisfying education experience.

The program targets students predisposed to putting in the extra effort to make the most of their school experience, and also targets those who need extra attention but may not seek help on their own.


Benefits for students:
A more satisfying school and college experience
Purpose, focus, meaning, and a clear vision
Completion of high school, college and all the benefits associated
Self sufficiency, independence, and life success
Creation of a compelling personal online portfolio

Benefits for Schools, Colleges, and Universities:
Increased student retention
Increased funding or tuition payments from higher retention
Higher graduation rates
Increased reach, efficiency, and delight for advisors and counselors
Minimal cost (funded by sponsors and student fees)
Positive word of mouth and increased new enrollment
Intelligent use of technology

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